this is a sims blog no really it is
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When you and the squad lookin fresh as fuck

grumpy OOTD!

匿名 said: QAQ Majestic Ira Gamagori Wallpaper is Majestic.

this is late but :) here’s my desktop!! on windows because im tryna sim up a storm i was tagged by elleinvogue

▶ take a screenshot of your desktop
▶ dont change anything
▶ dont delete anything
▶ tag 5 people

i tag anyone willin to show off their stuff! 

sum hairz 

good fun!! i made a few diff cardigans but they need serious work that i don’t have the energy for! plus i really wanna play some more :B 

"and so i told that guy he had to rebag all my stuff. you just don’t put a can of green beans on top of bread, you know?"