hi, i'm bree! i'm...(kinda) on hiatus

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i’m getting rid of all my sims 3 stuff and making the switch to sims 2 again. thank god for origin. 

匿名 said: Happy Birthday!

aw thanks!

匿名 said: do u know why theothersim took down everything on her simblr? T__T


i edited lynz’s pic cuz why not 

匿名 said: how did you learn to make tattoos?


匿名 said: They're flawless. Great job! You should make some tattoo gifts :)

maybe when my internet is back on :)

匿名 said: hi~ just wanna ask wcif the hanging necklace and wall lamp in /post/85769697688?

the necklace is a conversion i did and the hanging lamp thing is by pocci!

匿名 said: yo girl, how you sing like dat. you take lessons? like what do you do, that techniqueeeeee.

the fuck u mean